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How long is your waiting list?

At different times of the year we do have a waiting list, but it is difficult to say how long it will take for a position to become available as this is determined on how old your child is, what days you are looking for and when you require the care. That means that even if you need care immediately, it is well worth giving us a call as we may be able to accommodate your needs. When joining our waiting list, if you can be at all flexible in the days of care you need, we are more likely to be able to find you a position.

What is included in the daily fees?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre – Our daily fee includes meals (morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea), sunscreen and a stimulating educational program.

Parents need to provide sheets for children who sleep, bottles need to come in filled while the child is taking bottles, a hat and change of clothes, water bottle.

Are your staff qualified?

The number of trained staff we have on the premises is well above our legal requirements. We encourage and support staff in their ongoing professional development. Please see our section on staffing to provide more details

Do you have a preschool program?

At our Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre centre, our preschoolers undertake a comprehensive transition to school program which covers all areas of development.

Many parents and caregivers have questions about the services that we provide and our programs at our centres. Please take a look through the below FAQs for the answers to most questions. If you cannot find the information you are after, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and you will be contacted directly about your questions (click here for our enquiry form)

What is Long Day Care?

Long Day Care is a centre based form of child care service. Long Day Care provides all day quality education and care for your child. Through having age specific classrooms it allows your child to participate in fun filled educational activities to build upon peer social skills by interacting with children of their own age.

What ages do we cater for?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre centre caters for children aged 6 weeks to school age

What are the operating hours?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre – 7:15am to 5:45pm – 52 weeks a year

Does the centre provide meals?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre provides children with all meals to meet their nutritional requirements. Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea.

What do I need to pack and bring for my child?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre

During orientation the centre director will provide you with information on what you need to bring each day. It is important that each item is clearly labelled with the child’s name and some of these items will include:

  • Change of clothes
  • A hat which covers your child’s ears, neck and face;
  • Comfort item such as teddy, blanket, dummy (in a sealed container) or photo;
  • Bottles;
  • Formula or expressed milk (if required);
  • Sipper cups or water bottles;
  • Any medications – this will need to be given directly to the educators on arrival

How much does it cost to send my child to Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre?

The cost for individual families will also vary depending on the amount of days your child attends. You may also be eligible for government assistance. Through contacting Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre as well as the Family Assistance Office we will be able to give you an estimation or quote based on your circumstance.

What happens if we are absent for the day or my scheduled day falls on a public holiday?

Long Day Care secures your bookings for 52 weeks a year. If you are absent for the day or your scheduled day falls on a public holiday we still need to cover operating costs and therefore you are charged for the day. This is an industry standard practice. The Australian Government Assistance, Child Care Benefit is payable for 42 absent days a financial year. We will however give you a makeup day for Public Holidays.

What government assistance, benefits or rebates are available?

There are two main subsidies provided by the Australian Government, these being Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). By contacting the Family Assistance Office/Centrelink they will be able to determine what each family is eligible for.

More information on CCB and CCR is available on or

What educational programs does Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre provide?

The approved framework we follow is the Early Years Learning Framework

What support is available to children with additional needs?

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre will accommodate, facilitate and support additional needs as best as they can. Additional needs can vary from minor allergies to learning/development delays and behavioural issues.

Our Centre Director will work closely with their inclusion support facilitators within their local community to provide the best resources and outcomes for the children. It is best upon enrolment to discuss this with the Centre Director so we can work together on getting the best outcome for your child.

What is the enrolment process?

We recommend contacting Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre by filling in our enquiry form online to make an appointment to look through the Centre. This allows the Centre Director to discuss all your questions and for you to feel at ease about where you are enrolling your child. It also gives you the opportunity to meet with the Educators in the classroom and see the environment that your child will be involved in day to day.

Upon enrolment you will be requested to complete an enrolment form and return this prior to starting. An orientation process will also be discussed to allow your child settle in at their own pace.